How Shower Columns Can Help You Relax

Shower Columns

We all deserve a little luxury in our lives. If we just worked all day, every day and never had any fun, can you imagine how miserable you would be? Do not stress yourself out about always being productive. What are you really gaining from always telling yourself to go, go, go? Life ends up passing you by and you realize you have worked so hard trying to get from one point to another that you have not enjoy the journey itself. I am sure you have heard it before, but you are someone who seems to need to hear it again because it has yet to sink in: Life is a journey and you need to enjoy the ride.

You need to get off this speeding train so that you can actually enjoy the scenery. All right, enough with the metaphors and the infinite wisdom about life.

Here are a few ways that you can stop and enjoy the wonderful things this world has to offer and de-stress at the same time.


1) Bake. Do you love chocolate and spending time with your friends? Then this activity is perfect. Invite everyone over for a baking bonanza! Cookies, cakes, cupcakes are all fantastic options. Everyone will enjoy a low-key night baking delicious goodies to bring to work the next day or bring home to their families. The smell itself will be heaven, unless you burn something, and the company will be even better!

2) Purchase a shower column. These shower fixtures are the next best thing after a whirlpool tub. They are much more affordable but give you the same massage therapy that your body craves. They can be mounted in almost any type of shower and you normally do not need any special hook-ups. You will love the water massage these columns give you and you will start feeling more relaxed throughout your day. If you really want to pamper yourself, go with a steam shower unit to unwind.

3) Take up a hobby. Try something new that you have always wanted to do but never had the time to experience. Take salsa-dancing classes, learn how to play tennis, learn a second language. Discover a new passion and you will see how nicely it breaks up your stressful day!


Materials used can include acrylics for the main column with the controls and shower head (of handset) usually being chrome plated brass. Some manufacturers have launched more striking ranges which have the column in bright red or vibrant green, of course these will not be to everyone’s taste but I’m sure there are plenty of footballers wives out there willing to buy them!

If built into a shower enclosure, you may opt for a shower column which features steam functionality as well as body jets, this in my opinion, will be the ultimate in showering but could be a little over the top for some people.

Whether you purchase a new shower column, take up a new hobby, or find more ways to spend time with friends, you will soon start feeling much happier. Take control over your life back and enjoy it!